Inspection Equipment for the Die Cast Industry

Inspection Equipment for the Die Cast IndustryDie Casting is the process of forming  a metal product  by filling of a mold cavity under high pressure with molten metal. This process is used in manufacturing to create products in high volume. Die casting traditionally includes four manufacturing steps:

  1. Preparation of the die by creating a solid tool mold cavity.  The mold is normally lubricated to control temperature and allowing easier extraction of the product.
  2. Filling the die with molten metal under extremely high pressure.  This pressure is allied until the shot solidifies.
  3. Ejecting the shot by the use of ejection pins.
  4. Removing scrap and inspecting the casting for defects.

The most common defects are misruns, hot tears, flow marks and cold shots. These defects can be caused by low pressure, low temperature, cold dies,  dirty metal, need for venting, or excessive lubricant. Inspection can be accomplished by manual vision inspection or by use of ultra sonic equipment or spectrometers.  In addition, X-Ray equipment can be used.  Major manufacturers of spectrometers for the die casting industry include Baird, Arun and Spectro.