Key Manufacturers

used baird spectrometers for the die cast industryMajor manufacturers of spectrometers for the die casting industry include Baird, Arun and Spectro. There are key manufacturers in the high pressure casting machine industry. While this page doesn't describe all of them, we hope to give you an overview and description of the major companies. Several Baird models  include The FSQ, Model DV2, DV3, DV4, DV5, DV6, ICP, and the Foundry Mate. Baird spectrometers are commonly used in die casting and foundry Quality Control applications.

The Baird Corporation is a leader in the die cast industry for Q and A.  Baird manufactures  a diverse product line of spectrometers.  Their vast experience is found in the die casting as well as automotive, aerospace, automotive, energy/nuclear, environmental, geological and semiconductor industries.

arun spectrometer for the die cast industrySince the 1980s, ARUN Technology has been a leader in stationary and portable metals inspection for the die cast industry.  Charge Coupled Device (CCD) technology, allows a small but powerful instrument to test a wide spectrum required for the inspection of common metal bases.  CCD technology allows their instruments to test 300 times more analytical channels than conventional photo-multiplier tube (PMT) detectors.

 SPECTRO, part of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division, is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of analytical instruments. Founded in 1979,  SPECTRO today employs over 400 employees worldwide recognized by the die casting industry for their optical emission and X-ray technology, used product analysis in industry, research and education.